China Chef
1200 Contra Costa Boulevard
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
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We participated in the 6th annual competition of the Top 100 Chinese Restaurants in North America Award organized by the Chinese Restaurant News. We received this trophy for being the Top 100 regional and specialty in Chinese cuisine. This award, which attracts participation from the more than 43,000 Chinese restaurants nationwide, establishes the industry's standard for the best in Chinese cuisine.

Homestead Daily Online, January 2006
"A great atmosphere and excellent service make this restaurant one of the best restaurants in the area."

Menlo Park Weekly, August 2006
"The simple yet delightful flavors at this restaurant are worth every penny."

Pleasant Hill in Yellow Pages, February 2007
"A local favorite of mine. The food is very authentic, and satisfies all types of tastes buds. It is also very family friendly!"

Joe from Concord on Yelp, January 2010
"I ordered the pork with string beans lunch special with fried rice. The pork was really good because there was a bit of crunch and a little bit sweet... best of all, tender."

Edrienne on Yelp, April 2013
"... their chicken corn soup or wonton soup tastes really good and will definitely help kick your sickness in the butt!"

Akilah on Yelp, October 2013
"They have great, welcoming service and the food is fresh..."